The Sick Leave Pool was designed to allow eligible employees to donate sick and vacation leave hours to the Sick Leave Pool which will help others or themselves in need.  The employee may draw hours strictly for his/her own major illness, accident or injury.  This program does not allow for utilizing hours to care for family members.

An employee’s participation in this program is strictly voluntary and may be terminated at any time by the employee.  If the Sick Leave Pool Committee discovers that the employee is abusing the program, the employee’s membership will be terminated.

The Sick Leave Pool Administrator is responsible for the oversight of the program.  When a SLP member is in need of hours, the member should forward the request to the SLP Administrator (follow directions in the attached SLP procedures).  The SLP Administrator will present the request to the SLP Committee which consists of six (6) representative employees; two (2) administrative employees, two (2) faculty members and two (2) staff members.  A vote of a minimum of four (4) is needed to grant hours to the employee.  In the event of a tie, the SLP Administrator will vote to break the tie.

This program is truly one of the best benefits for University employees.  It is employees giving to their colleagues in a time of need and brings a real sense of comfort for an employee during difficult times.  It also allows the employee to concentrate on getting well and not worry about any financial burdens the leave of absence may otherwise have on the employee.

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