Separations of employment may be either voluntary or involuntary. Voluntary separations include resignations, quit without notice, medical necessity, and retirement. Involuntary separations include layoffs, completion of contract, discharge, and discharge for unsatisfactory job performance or misconduct.  Employees voluntarily separating from the university should submit a minimum of two weeks notification.  Certain positions may necessitate extended notice due to complexity/operational issues of the position. A resignation may not be rescinded by the employee without concurrence by the university.

All employees separating from employment with Florida International University (FIU) must complete the Separation Clearance Form. They are required to return all university property issued to them during their tenure and to settle all outstanding accounts. FIU reserves the right to offset any funds due the employees to compensate for unreturned property or unsettled accounts.

All employees transferring to a different department should also complete the Separation Clearance Form to return appropriate items that belong to the department from which the employee is departing. 
Exit Review Questionnaire

An exit questionnaire process is available to assist with the retention and recruitment efforts. The process has been established for employees who are voluntarily separating their employment with FIU. 
The Exit Review Questionnaire is designed to elicit voluntary information about each departing employee’s experience at FIU and the reasons for their leaving. This data is collected, analyzed, and reported to FIU leaders to recommend improvements to policies, procedures, and practices. This information will assist us in identifying work environment issues contributing to both retention and turnover, as well as providing exiting employees an opportunity to tell us what we do well and what areas we can improve upon.
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