Since its inception in 1896, Miami has welcomed and nurtured millions of families and professionals.
Supported by a heritage of optimism, Miami has succeeded in becoming a major metropolitan destination in less than a century’s time. The city’s nickname, The Magic City, plays tribute to this unprecedented growth, becoming a city seemingly overnight, without first growing into a town. Add to this its newest achievements, being recognized as “The Gateway to the Americas” and “The American Riviera”. Miami is home to over five million people and a culturally diverse and dynamic workforce.
Florida International University is proud to have its roots entwined in history marked by bravado and limitless possibilities. The Miami of the 21st Century is an exciting, dynamic, global marketplace and a blueprint for trade, travel, culture and communications.
Originally spoken as “Mayaimi” over ten thousand years ago, translated as “clear water” or “sweet water”, Miami continues to be a lifeline and respite for natives and visitors alike.
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