An employee on a Temporary Appointment should be hired to support a project or departmental need for a specified period of time. An employee may remain on a temporary appointment beyond the initial specified period of time under these conditions:

  • Business Unit has requested a full-time or part-time equivalent position in its budget to permanently fulfill the duties of the temporary position
  • Project is extended
  • Temporary employee is performing the duties of an employee in extended leave and the services are still needed

Approval of extensions must be requested through Temporary and Student Employment Services. 

Temporary Appointments in the following categories are NOT subject to above
mentioned time limitation:
  • Seasonal employees
  • Degree-seeking students
  • Health Care Practitioners
  • Institutional clients employed as part of rehabilitation
  • Employees hired to deal with an emergency situation that affects the public, health, safety, or welfare
  • Employees hired for a project that is identified by a specific appropriation or time-limited grant
  • Consultants (These independent contractors are retained by contractual agreement arranged through the Purchasing Services
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