The university encourages the informal resolution of employee complaints. To that end, employees should present such complaints for review and discussion as soon as possible to a university representative who has authority to address the complaint. Such review and discussions should be held with a goal to reaching an understanding and resolving the complaint in a manner satisfactory to the employee without the need for recourse to the formal grievance procedure prescribed in the Collective Bargaining Agreements. If the complaint is not resolved by such informal discussion, the employee may proceed to file a grievance consistent with the provisions of the Collective Bargaining Agreement.

Grievance:  A grievance is a dispute filed with the supervisor concerning the interpretation or application of a specific provision of the Collective Bargaining Agreement. 
The Employee & Labor Relations Department administers the formal grievance and arbitration process for all in-unit employees, except faculty. This process is followed according to the provision of each Collective Bargaining Agreement. Therefore, if you believe your complaint was not satisfactorily addressed by your supervisor, you have the option of filing a formal grievance and should follow the steps outlined in the respective Collective Bargaining Agreement. Please click on the appropriate link below that represents the appropriate classification of the employee filing the grievance:

Collective Bargaining Agreements for In-unit employees only:



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